Our Vision

Esskay International has a vision to attain leadership position in the markets it serves.
Our organization has served as a reliable producer of innovative and quality textile products.
We will achieve this goal, while maintaining the highest economical, ethical and environmental standards.

Our Values


Honesty is a key characteristic of our business. We believe dishonesty is not ethical, as we believe in business ethics. It can have a cumulative effect and hurt our business. Honesty and integrity are essential for creating a healthy work place. An honest work place fosters open communication. We strive to keep all our commitments and do not make promises that we cannot keep. Honesty at workplace sets tone of our work culture and people's career soars in long term.  Honesty helps us build trust with our customers. We believe that, when customers perceive us as being honest and sincere, they tend to reward our business and hard work.


Humanity, as a core value in our business relates to treating all individuals with respect, fairness and empathy. It helps us in creating a positive and an inclusive work environment. It includes all individuals involved in the business including employees, customers, vendors and stakeholders. Adopting humanity as a core value can lead to increased employee satisfaction and motivation, improved customer relationships and a more responsible and sustainable business model. Furthermore, it helps to build trust between our organization and the public, which is essential for long-term success.


We are aware of the fact that the world is constantly changing. Every decade brings in new innovation, new markets, new segments etc. Changing times always brings new opportunities. We realize that, only if we are flexible, we can adapt and continue to be successful. Our flexibility help us to quickly satisfy demands, anticipate changes and make changes to our operations to remain profitable. Business flexibility helps us to remain competitive in the long run. Business flexibility assists in being efficient and effective. We also remain flexible with work force, enabling them to be more happier and efficient in their work.


We keep our word – to our customers, to our employees, to our suppliers and other stakeholders in our business. Reliability builds trust and trust brings in business. Reliability is everything for us. It holds our reputation and keeps our customers coming back. Reliability helps us to develop a loyal customer base.  Our suppliers also support us in up and downturns as they consider us very reliable. Our employees are our true assets and they count on us for our reliability. We receive more respect due to our reliability. We are constantly improving our processes, making our system more effective and reliable. Our customers expect great quality at all times and only reliable processes help us deliver great quality every time.


We believe in openness in our business. We are transparent and willing to share information with all stakeholders, including employees, customers and investors. This includes being honest and straightforward in communication, being willing to listen to others, consider different perspectives and being open to change and innovation. Adopting openness as a value, can lead to increased trust and collaboration within the organization. It also improves relationships with customers and other stakeholders. Furthermore, it will help to build a positive corporate image and reputation.

Customer Service

Customer service and delight is at the center of all our business activities. We believe in providing prompt, efficient and friendly service. We are responsive to customer complaints and feedback. Adopting customer service as a core value, helps us to attain increased customer loyalty, improved customer retention and positive word-of-mouth advertising, which are all crucial for our long-term success. It also helps to build a positive corporate image and reputation which can be beneficial for the organization's future growth.