Bedsheets are a fundamental part of any bedding ensemble, as they cover the mattress and provide a comfortable and clean surface for sleeping. They come in a variety of materials, sizes, colours, and patterns and are an essential component in creating a comfortable and personalized sleeping environment.

We offer solid, printed and embroidered sheets in various weaves such as percale, dobby, sateen and jacquard.

Qualities range from coarser counts (20s and 30s) to finer counts (Up to 120s) in various cotton qualities including Indian Cotton, Pima, Supima, and Egyptian Cotton.

Thread Counts range from 120TC to 1000TC.

Various hem treatments can be offered for flat sheets and pillowcases such as picot stitch, marrow stitch, lace attachment etc.

Special sizes such as extra-long lengths for flat sheets and extra deep pocket for fitted sheets can also be provided.