Comforters are a type of bedding that provide warmth and comfort during sleep. They are typically made of a soft and insulating material such as down feather, cotton or polyester and are designed to be placed on top of the bed sheets.

When choosing a comforter, it is important to consider the materials used in it’s construction, as well as the fill power and warmth level. Higher-quality materials and higher fill power usually indicate better warmth and offer increased  durability.

We offer solid and printed comforters in various weaves such as percale, dobby, sateen and jacquard.

Thread Counts range from 120TC to 1000TC.

Our comforters are filled with microfiber filling (150 gsm to 350 gsm).

Qualities range from coarser counts (20s and 30s) to finer counts (Up to 120s) for outer fabrics.