1977  -BIRTH

Esskay was born in the year 1977. It was started as a Partnership firm between two individuals – S B Khandelwal  & K C Gupta.
Hence the initials Esskay (S for S B Khandelwal & K for K C Gupta). The organization started its operations in Mumbai.

1977 – Ethnic Garments Export

Esskay International began its journey with ethnic products such as sarees and salwar suits (women’s wear).  Esskay used to export them to Europe and later also catered to clients in USA.

1990s – Yarn & Fabrics

Esskay International, after spending over a decade and a half in Finished goods, started dealing in Raw materials. We began exporting Yarn & Fabrics to overseas market.

1996 Foray into Home Furnishings

Esskay forayed into Home Furnishings in the year 1996.
Esskay started supplying Bedding Products such as sheet sets, duvet sets, bed skirts to US market. Home Furnishing category in years to come became Esskay’s biggest product vertical.

2002 – 2004 Govt Recognition

Esskay received three awards from the Government  of India (Texprocil) for its export performance. 

Esskay was the 2nd largest exporter of Made-ups from India.

2007 - Domestic Business

After spending nearly 3 decades serving overseas clients, Esskay began its journey in India.

Organized retail had started flourishing in India and Esskay began serving leading chain stores in India.

2008 Birth of Brands

Esskay started its Brands “Home Ecstasy” and “Dreamscape” in value segment.

It later started “My Room” Brand in premium segment.

2012 E-commerce business

Esskay forayed into E-commerce in the year 2012. 

E-commerce had just begun and Esskay was amongst the early entrants into this vertical.